LeLyr Fashions was inspired by the warm togetherness of families. Family is the most
important happiness everyone needs. For this reason, we cater our products to
women, children, and men.

Our products are designed with clothes, shoes, and accessories that are also suitable
for mommy and daughter or father and son matching sets.

Born and raised in Michigan, a woman started Lelyr Fashions because she could not
find denim sets and accessories for her children. With a passion for fashion and
commitment to excellence, she developed a clothing shop that suits the needs of busy
working moms on the go and with tight schedules.

“As a mother who has experienced homelessness, I am dedicated to empowering my community through fashion. Being so dedicated to creating a positive impact on the

world of fashion by combining our designs with sustainability and compassion, we are
truly making a difference. Our team’s commitment to the mission is inspiring, and we
are ensuring that our denim and T-shirt customization line will continue to thrive and
spread our message of swag and personal touch.

Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to explore our collection of two-piece sets,
premium denim, and custom graphic T-shirts. If you are shopping for a one-of-a-kind
look, contact us, and we will set up a custom consultation to release your creativity,
personality, and style into our denim design and graphic T-shirts.

For more inquiries, please contact us.